President Obama's New Fact Sheet Mentions USBC for its Partnership Efforts & its Ability to Reach Black Business Owners

Today, the Obama Administration released a new fact sheet outlining the Obama Administration's record as it relates to the Black community. In the section titled "Promoting Entrepreneurship as a Path to Success & Economic Self-Sufficiency," the Obama Administration mention's USBC's partnership with the Small Business Administration and it's effort to reach Black business owners. Following the release of the new fact sheet, USBC President Ron Busby had this to say:
"The work we do on behalf of Black business owners is largely impactful in part due to our partnerships and strategic alliances. 
We work with some of the nation's most influential organizations in the political, financial, automotive, social justice, faith-based, and many other organizations looking to make an impact in the Black business community. We are making great strides in the Black business community and know that we cannot do it alone, we encourage and look forward to greater partnerships."
View the full fact sheet released by President Obama's Administration below. See USBC mention in bold.
Office of the Press Secretary
FACT SHEET: Creating Opportunities for All Americans: Obama Administration's Record and the African-American Community

President Obama believes that the values that made our economy the strongest in the world include making sure everyone does their fair share, everyone gets a fair shake, and hard work and responsibility are rewarded. That's why President Obama has worked to improve the lives of all Americans, including African-Americans, by providing economic and educational opportunities, improving health care coverage, working to ensure that the criminal justice system is applied fairly to all citizens, and championing workforce development to ensure we continue to develop and retain the strongest, most productive workforce in the world. During this Administration, African-Americans have made enormous strides in many of these areas. Even so, more work remains to further improve economic outcomes for African Americans and fight to rid our country of the long-term disparities that have put the African American community at a disadvantage. This Administration's record includes:

Promoting Entrepreneurship as a Path to Success & Economic Self-Sufficiency: In 2013, the Administration announced it would set fees on Small Business Administration loans to zero, encouraging more lenders, particularly community banks, to provide vital access to capital for entrepreneurs. Changes to the microloan program have also increased access to loans under $50,000 for justice involved individuals. The SBA has increased outreach to the African-American community with the launch of the Business Smart Toolkit, a business basics and lender-readiness resource in partnership with the National Association of Government Guaranteed Lenders. Additionally, SBA partnered with national organizations such as U.S. Black Chambers Inc. and 100 Black Men of America to reach more entrepreneurs. SBA launched the My Brother's Keeper Millennial Entrepreneurs Initiative, partnering with HBCUs and community colleges to promote entrepreneurship across college campuses, and MBK Millennial Entrepreneur Champion Mike Muse to encourage entrepreneurship among young people of color and other youth.